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About Me

I’m Grant Munro, a passionate health coach and academic dedicated to empowering individuals to thrive. My unique background combines 20 years of experience in healthcare design, behavioral change research, and youth development with a deep understanding of what motivates and sustains personal transformation.

Six therapeutic studios offer learners a variety of ways to thrive, from art-based therapy and mentorship – to hospitality and personal care. Despite their variances, all studios foster the social intelligences needed for a successful life (sympathy, self-awareness, empathy, meta-cognition, theory of mind).

Each studio adopts a self-organised learning method that prepares learners for a life of independence, fulfillment and purpose.  Support plans offer something for everyone. For those experiencing mental health challenges, live-in residences help foster positive behaviour changes within a therapeutic community of other residents. For those with atypical learning patterns, day or night classes build new skill sets to stay relevant and secure paid work.

Whether you want to take back control of your life or find purpose in a new career, I’m dedicated to helping learners secure the resources they need to succeed. Dive into my website today to find out more.

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My Experience

My Coaching Approach: I believe in a holistic approach to well-being that goes beyond symptom management. Through a blend of personalised coaching techniques and evidence-based practices, I help clients:

    • Identify and address root causes of health challenges.
    • Develop sustainable habits for a healthier lifestyle.
    • Set goals and develop plans for achieving them.
    • Cultivate emotional resilience to manage stress.
    • Ignite inner capacity for well-being and self-healing.

Skillset for Change:

  • Behavioral Science & Health Communication: Tailoring treatments based on research in habit formation and motivation.
  • Mental Health Awareness & Safeguarding: Providing a safe and supportive environment for learners based on their unique needs.
  • Learner Management Systems: Building efficient systems to support ongoing wellness journeys.
  • UX/UI Design: Creating user-centered experiences that empower well-being practices.

Academic Foundation:

  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
    MRes (Healthcare Design) | University of Kent UK
  • BA (Responsive Design) | University of the Arts UK
  • NHS Care Certificate
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My Method

a person in a kitchen
My self-organised learning method assumes learners have the capacity to direct their own development. Each learner engages with self-organised learning via four pedagogical models:  Deep Dives open minds to new ideas, Gameplay boosts concentration and performance, Self-Organised Learning Environments (SOLE) empowers peer learning and teamwork, and Makerspaces applies peer learning to real-world studio projects. These four models (drawn from the self-organised learning model of Sugata Mitra) prepare learners for an uncertain future as creative problem-solvers and independent agents.
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My Studios

Six therapeutic studios develop skills for a wide range of capacities and cultures; from art-based therapy, content creation, and mentorship – to hospitality, property management and personal care.


My professional support services foster strong partnerships with local employers to provide vocational skills training for learners. On completion of training, residents receive an award confirming their achievements and guaranteed interviews with hiring agencies.

“No restrictive admission criteria, no high fees, no time limits, no classrooms, no exams and no teachers. What's not to like?”

Kara LucasYoga Instructor

“Self-organised learning has the potential to transform our antiquated factory worlds of education and employment. Long overdue.”

Alex CohenLife Coach

Live Your Best Life

Live Your Best Life

Live Your Best Life

Live Your Best Life

Live Your Best Life


Three flexible payment plans ensure support options can adapt to the changing needs of learners over time:

On-Demand Plan

Personalised one-on-one support service (14+ y/o)


Resilience Plan

Weekly resilience training over 3 months (14+ y/o)


Bootcamp Plan

3-month Skills & Resilience Training (16+ y/o)